I enjoy working with the youth to educate them on the importance of fitness. Aden Park Fitness partnered with an after school program and Kaiser Permanente to incorporate a fitness program to help motivate young kids to stay healthy and active. 

I've worked with seniors in a post injury rehab setting to help them gain back their mobility and increasing their strength in order to get them back to being independent and enjoy life again.

The biggest reward is helping others achieve their fitness goals and seeing the smiles on their faces once they have achieved their goals.

Having a family of my own has helped me see the importance of living a long and healthy life.

For 8 years, I worked for the NBA with the Sacramento Kings to prepare the referees for home games, which included warm-up stretching before and during half time. I also worked with a few of the referees during off-season conditioning.

I am a NESTA Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach with over 15 years personal training experience. As a track athlete for 17 years, athletics and fitness have been an integral part of my life. I have worked with adults with varying levels of fitness, children of all ages, and seniors.

Currently, I am working with Slamson the Sacramento Kings Mascot to maintain his competitive edge. I have also worked with professional athletes to assist them with off season conditioning;

  • New Orleans Defensive Back  Fred Weary
  • Olympic Gold Metal Sprinter  Bernard Williams